Jillian Michaels’ Detox Water

This is a detox water that you drink along with your clean, healthy meals…it is not designed to be a full-fledged cleanse, rather it should be used to reduce bloating and water weight. It’s perfect to drink when you’re seven days away from a big event.
Jillian Michaels’ Detox Water


  • 60 oz of distilled water (if you’re still afraid to use distilled water, spring water will be fine)
  • 1 Tbsp cranberry juice (only PURE cranberry juice not the juice cocktail!)
  • 1 organic dandelion root tea bag
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice (squeezed from fresh lemon or 100% real lemon juice)


  1. Brew the tea as listed on the box and let it cool to room temperature
  2. Mix all ingredients together and add the tea (once cooled)
  3. Drink the entire mixture each day for up to 7 days (you will make a new batch each day)

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